Chasing the autumn

Apologies, the summer has been thrown into disarray because my house is on the market, with a view to moving closer to my son and new DIL.  ‘Bucks to Berks’ as I keep trotting out, only no-one is going anywhere.

The housing market has slumped, not helped by the choice comments made by the Governor of the Bank of England and the Head of the IMF in recent days.  Nothing like undermining consumer confidence still further.  Then yesterday I caught a glancing blow of the 1 o’clock news to hear inflation is unexpectedly on the increase (to the Economists).   It’s not that unexpected on the ground.

I’d been warned selling a house was one of the biggest stressors in life.  I’ve ticked divorce off already and that was stellar.  This competes but it’s not as harrowing emotionally.  It’s the time drain which is agonising.  Getting the house ready for sale, the decorating, keeping it tidy, liaising with my Estate Agent, when they dare to answer the phone in recent history, viewings.  It’s so tedious and it means that I have even less disposable time to play with after running the business, so although I’d love to put fingers to keyboard and tap away a few blog updates, it’s not happening at the moment.  Once things settle down I’ll complete Chasing the sun, part 1 and add part 2.

As for chasing the sun, that’s at the forefront of my mind as autumn looms.  Last year I squeezed in a lot of travel but I’ve been much more restrained this year.   November will see me in Paris PICT0176.JPGPICT0152.JPGPICT0115.JPGwhere my Dad and Stepmum Barbara live and January, I’m planning a long-haul to Costa Rica.

I have to get off this island occasionally otherwise I find my focus becomes to parochial.  A realisation which dawned in 2007 when I stepped off this island for the first time in about a decade, hampered by financial constraints as a single parent.

Aint no stopping me now!  And with my children now young adults, I tag along with them too, hence the new-found love of skiing.  Boots on, backpack on!  Let’s go 🙂

3 thoughts on “Chasing the autumn

  1. Fantastic article, Emma! Glad you are able to get out a bit and try new things. Best wishes for selling the house despite the economic conditions. No doubt Costa Rica will be a great trip! Have fun and safe travels!

  2. We agree, Emma. Selling a home can be stressful and draws you away from some of the fun things in life. Glad to see you are taking it in stride and enjoying the things you are able to.
    Happy to see that you are off to Paris in November. One of our most enjoyed cities.
    Good luck with the sale of your home.

    Jan&Gary 😊👍

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