Chasing the sun (Part 1)

It’s glorious in the UK at the moment.  I have fond memories of one long hot summer akin to this one in my dim distant teenage years (a Freudian slip) when my Mum, having had an operation on her varicose veins, needed to walk daily during her rehab.

We always enjoyed walking as a family.  Pictured some of my naturist walking “family” and yes, we are talking naked hiking.  This was taken so we could share widely without repercussions.


I am trying to retain my facebook account, despite being booted off on a few occasions.  My children who are 27 and 25 now think it’s hilarious. They have a clean sheet and Mum gets the rap.  Not exactly something to boast about but their friends seem to hear about it when my account’s locked down again for, on occasions, the most spurious reasons!

Holidays were spent in rented coastal cottages, generally in Wales but on one occasion Cornwall.  Given that there were six children and not the same safety stipulations and restrictions, it was a very memorable journey down to Cornwall from Shropshire with five children in the back and the baby on Mum’s lap in the front.  Mandatory seat belts didn’t become law until 1983  (with the inevitable refinements and updates since).

I presume it was a Vauxhall Viva, my Dad’s routine choice of motor.  Not the easiest of journeys for any of us.

Arthur and Grandad

I wouldn’t have attempted that with my two children when they were younger without stopped endlessly and filling the car with toys and games.  Dad’s quest was to get to our final destination as quickly as the Viva would permit.  I don’t really remember stopping although we must have done.  We entertained ourselves by harassing Mum and Dad “Are we nearly there yet?” and playing I spy over and over again.

This year, it’s safe to say,  there appears to be little point in taking off when the UK has so much to offer anyway and we don’t have to chase the sun for once.  It was also St Swithin’s day on 15th July.  We Brits obsess about the weather, whether naturist or not; complaining if it’s raining incessantly, snowing periodically and during the summer, about the lack of sun.

Feast of St Peter, Andy & Emma

Typically though, the British complain if it’s sunny to this degree, then it’s too hot to handle.  Honestly, the weather can’t win!  Anyone would think every member of the British public are destined to be naturist one day with their propensity to moan 😉  One of the least redeeming features of our community and we’re all guilty of it, myself included.

Swithun or Swithin in Old English who died c 862, was an Anglo-Saxon bishop of Winchester and subsequently patron saint of Winchester Cathedral.  According to tradition, if it rains on Saint Swithin’s bridge (Winchester) on his feast day (15 July) it will continue for forty days.  Anyone know if it rained?  Assuming it didn’t, we can safely look to the UK for the next 40 days but for the sun chasers amongst you who want near-guaranteed sun, perhaps you want to look further afield or plan a break in Autumn/Winter?

2017-03-12 2017 spring & summer 001

Cue lots of links.  I’m still not planning to blog that frequently until I’ve moved to Berkshire since it can be time-consuming to craft a well-thought-out blog.  But I will push out the occasional one which involves more words than pictures, without requiring much in the way of research.

The words are the easy bit in my estimation.  I always find inserting the media, selecting pictures, adding links and of course editing and amending takes the time.


Naturist Accommodation: 






“is for people who are offering or looking for bed and breakfast, self-catering, lettings, flat or house shares or other accommodation in an environment that enables social nudity or is clothing-optional.

Using Naturist Accommodation is one of the best ways for a naturist to enjoy naturism, whether you are a long-time naturist or a newcomer to naturism.”

Business Directory:

“The directory of accommodation lists accommodation offered on a regular basis. A directory entry is free of charge to companies or individuals offering accommodation to naturists.”

Naturist B&B






“Welcome to Naturist friendly accommodation bookings. We cater private homestay, holiday homes and resorts – basically any type of accommodation. One thing common with all of them is their Naturist friendly host and clothing optional or nudist nature. Your naturist holiday starts here!”


Non Naturist Accommodation

National Trust


Residential and Farm Lettings:

Holiday Cottages:


Landmark Trust


“Holidays in History.  Our charity restores castles, forts, towers and cottages for self-catering breaks.”

Explore and Book 


Youth Hostel Association, YHA


“With a varied landscape, inspiring views and something for everyone, England and Wales is a must for all. Discover the best areas of these two magnificent countries with YHA as you experience our excellent accommodation in the most beautiful and accessible locations.”

“Adventure for all”  Over 160 locations Available

’50 things summer fun”

“Enjoy a memorable family day out with us this summer. Join in with family-friendly events, plot your own adventures and see how many of our 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ challenges you can complete.”

Days out:

Art and Collections:

Working Holidays:

Charitable ethos, principles and environment:



Unfinished blog.  I have to start work now.  Dreary business and personal admin so I’ll return to this later or tomorrow.  If someone could check my links please (Twitter SO) I’d be grateful and DM or tweet me accordingly.  I’ll check Twitter when I’ve done some work to salve my conscience.

I’ll go further afield during the course of the week with Part 2


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