I’m back

after being bitten by the black dog again.

I’m not the only naturist in my friendship circle plagued by SAD (seasonal affected disorder). Whatever the reason, hormonal, stress, lack of Vitamin D etc? When I crash it can take a long time to pull back.

I’m putting measures in place to try and cut down the triggers which in itself is stressful; selling, relocating and buying. Consequently my online forays are pretty limited and having been actively involved with online networking, running clubs, overseeing forums, blogging, writing the occasional article and largely enjoying the interaction, there are occasions when individuals emboldened and disinhibited behind a keyboard let rip, despite their limited understanding of social media and twitter particularly as a social media tool.

It’s as frustrating as selling a house and I’ve seen it all before, many times, but exceedingly frustrating when a colleague you hold in high esteem plays that card, especially when a quick DM could have cleared up any misunderstandings rather than choosing publicly vented and inappropriate fireworks.

I’m unusual for a my demographic, having used social media (and networked) widely since 2004 so understand the short-term and long-term benefits. I know the positives outweighs the negatives overall but it’s still upsetting.

It’s simply not worth my while engaging when people are determined to paint the canvas as they see fit. My time is squeezed as it is, so disengaging from the firing line is prudent and reducing/negating contact with the antagonist and the overseeing body.

I’d already determined to reduce my time on the various platforms I use but since the inexcusable outburst, have decided to blog on a more regular basis, initially monthly rising to weekly. This is an introduction so doesn’t count.

The blogs won’t necessarily always be nude in nature, we’re a community of varying interests and age groups. Some may be of no interest to you, others may.

Once I’ve relocated to Berkshire and set up my business in the new locality, I should be able to turn the pledge into action

Naturism as it’s generally known in Great Britain, should be an enjoyable experience. Certainly I’ve made some of my closest friends via my nude lifestyle and the more involved you get, the more people want to take a pop at you which is the same as any office environment. There’s a reason I’m self employed!

Eyes are closing on me so that’s s a clue to sign out. Until next time 👋

22 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Hi Emma:

    May we start by saying welcome back after your hiatus. We missed your comments in the various social media including this blog.
    May we also say that we were taken back by the reason for your absence. We were unaware that you were affected by S.A.D. 😘Please, excuse our oversight and perhaps insensitivity in always seeing you as so energetic and positive, smiling all the time and viewing the glass as “half full”. You know, I always said to Gary that many we may see and seem to be reserved and nonnconversant, may be suffering from conditions like S.A.D or even depression. We should be aware of this always be accepting.
    Understanding this, it is sad that people are not aware or appreciative of these conditions that people suffer from and make snap responses. The assumption that it is the same playing field for all of us is not fair. We hope that what ever relationships were strained during this difficult time come around again.
    We both want to wish you a strong, successful and happy return, Emma and look forward to your blog on both naturist and other topics.

    Kindest regards in sunshine always.☀️

    Jan&Gary 😊❤️

    • What a lovely supportive message both, thank you very much indeed. Yes indeed and I’m far from alone in the battle but have only been open about my absences (from social media and life in general in relatively recent history).

      It’s more widespread than many people realise and I suspect there’s a higher correlation of naturists prone to depression based on the proportion I know who struggle.

      Firmly back in half-full now. When I’m bitten it’s not even half-empty, it’s empty

      All the best, Emma 🤗

      • We are happy you are back. As long time naturists, we can definitely agree that even in our relationships with other naturists, we have seen and known people going through these set backs.
        And it can be very debilitating affecting so many in the family.
        So what ever support we give you, we are here to provide a helping hand of understanding.

        Jan&Gary 👍❤️

      • It was a good break. I am a depressive, too. I am 65 in just over three weeks. I have had the problem to varying extents since I was 21. I like dogs, they always lift my mood, so I dpn’t do the Churchill “black dog” thing. It is insulting to dogs. Yet is always there. Best of luck with your new endeavours, and see you soon!

    • We are happy you are back. As long time naturists, we can definitely agree that even in our relationships with other naturists, we have seen and known people going through these set backs.
      And it can be very debilitating affecting so many in the family.
      So what ever support we give you, we are here to provide a helping hand of understanding.

      Jan&Gary 👍❤️

  2. Hi Emma,
    Sorry to hear that you’ve been low again, it’s horrid for you. Robyn has struggled with depression ever since Ruby was born and so has my brother. Now that Ruby is 4 people are starting to pressure her to have more children but of course she mustn’t get pregnant whilst on medication. I’m sad to see that you are moving away and hope you find happiness wherever you end up. Maybe we could catch up for a coffee before you leave. I’ve retired now but am busier than ever with Scouting, the Chiltern Toybank and have now started volunteering with the CAB. Now that is interesting! You will always find that people can be very rude and insensitive when they are sat behind a screen. I’ve been a victim of keyboard bullies and it’s horrible.
    Lots of love,

    • Oh Jenny we’ve still not managed that coffee/swim have we. We must redress that before I move away but I have to sell my house first and the market is a big stagnant at the moment so I doubt it will be that quick. I’m not moving far – to Newbury. I’ll make a note to send you a message next week then we can get something in the diary.
      That doesn’t sound like retirement to me 😂 but interesting and varied. Sorry too to hear Robyn is a fellow sufferer. Quite the right approach too
      Much love, Emma

  3. Dear Emma Hello thank you for your blog good to hear from you I do hope all will go better for you in the future one thing the hot weather may encourage lots of people to give Naturism a try. Sorry to read about your health not being good I do hope your move will go well and that your health will improve. Every good wish to you..Kindest Regards Frederick

  4. Hi Emma it’s good to see you up and jogging if not back to your full sprinting. I know personally what it’s like to face times of depression and I suspect SAD as well. It’s also horrifying to see the way in which people abuse social media and respond in ways they hopefully wouldn’t dream of in person. All those in public view seem to be fair game for the abuse which seems to be far more prevalent in this day and age. Earlier today I’d just posted on Facebook (CNF) an article from someone I wouldn’t necessarily agree with on certain issues but who was spot on in calling out the abusers, some of whom claim to be people of faith. I hope things continue to improve and your positive work and impact for naturism continues as well. Love and prayers – Bob

    • Good morning Bob, I’m so touched to hear from you with your words from the heart, in faith. Grateful thanks 🙏

      I’m delighted to be back in full fettle again after unexpectedly plummeting into a tough phase but I’m making lifestyle changes which will help enormously, moving to be near family and ultimately, potential grandchildren. I’ve already picked out my Gran moniker although it’s been personalised by my super son. Put it this way, extrovert though I am, being called by this amusing not rude moniker at the school gates will make me cringe. The secret best reserved for future when the blessing of children actualises, I hope.

      I hope too, to see you and other members of CNF before the year is out. The focus currently on selling, buying and moving, around running my biz etc but it could all happen far quicker than we anticipated and hopefully seamlessly. With prayers, in faith, Emma 🤗

  5. Glad to read the “black dog” has been firmly put back in his kennel; thought you had been quiet lately.

    Good luck with the move too. It is a wrench to move from a place you’ve called home for such a long time; I know having sold the house that had been the family home since 1934, and for the first 40 years of my life in 1999. Just keep hold of the good memories and happy times, and you’ll be all right.

  6. Really courageous of you to share your challenges with the black dog. Helping others seeing they aren’t alone with something that affects 1 in 4 of us is a good thing that you do. Left you a comment on FB at the business cafe. Sounds like you are getting away from whats become toxic and are moving towards the positive. Onwards and upwards.

  7. Welcome back, Emma! You were missed!
    I’m reminded of the following quote: “FOOD is the most widely abused anti-anxiety drug in America, and EXERCISE is the most potent yet underutilized antidepressant.”. It is very accurate but I’d add that nudism is as healthy and underutilized an antidepressant as exercise. During bouts of S.A.D. especially in cold weather, I encourage you to bundle up and go for a walk or jog. When you get to a safe/secluded place, strip and run a short distance or climb a hill/stairs or take a quick dip. Like the polar bear plunge, the shock of cold air on your naked body is exhilarating and will go a long, long way to brightening your spirits and lifting your mood. Better yet, take a friend and make it a competition of fastest run/climb or longest staying naked! It’ll be a blast! Best wishes to you!

    • That’s really kind @coolbrzy thank you. Great advice too 👍 I’ll give that a whirl although know only too well when the dog bites with a vengeance, it’s hard to rouse yourself

      • You are certainly welcome! You are right, it is very hard to overcome depressive moods, which is why simply thinking about doing something considered by others as risque* is often enough to stimulate dopamine production in the brain and kickstart you into a better mood. Think of it like riding a roller coaster; a small release of adrenaline without the expense or travel to visit a theme park, and something you can do almost anywhere there is a city park or wooded area, and many other places. *(i.e. stripping to run in a public, albeit secluded area, where there is a chance of encountering strangers, if only small likelihood)
        Being naked and outdoors never fails to lift my spirits! Think about some places you might try it and next time the dog is chasing you, cast your clothes aside and give it a go. You won’t regret it! 🙂

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