Break out the Barbie arms with Nude-ercise


My first experience of a naked workout today and it was absolutely brilliant!  Helen Smith, a British Naturism member who has featured in a lot of recent press articles about her nude venture, is now running classes in London as well as Southampton.

I help Naturist London with my colleague Karen so women have a female point of contact for the swim and aim to be at the swim monthly, hosting Ladies meet ups. Today we broke with tradition and took part in Helen’s first class between 11:00-12:00am before heading back to Energybase for a swim.

I’ve taken part in a lot of exercise sessions in the past and can say with absolute certainty that you need a reasonable level of fitness to take part.  A mixed group, six men, two women, we warmed up before the fun began and it really was – the time flew!

Nude-ercise has elements of rugby training without the pad work so don’t book in thinking you’re in for an easy ride.  However Helen makes the class light-hearted and she’s encouraging and attentive to the varying fitness levels in the group.

The venue we trained at was clean and functional, affording excellent privacy so there was no chance of lascivious voyeurs drooling over our attempts to emulate Helen’s seemingly effortless stretches.  We chopping and changed under Helen’s direction, working in twos, fours, individually. There was no time to get bored and lots of banter.

Towards the latter part of the class various timed planking challenges were thrown into the mix, culminating in a plank off.  I’d love to say I won with my competitive nature.  I absolutely didn’t but had great fun trying!

As for Barbie, she evidently doesn’t cheat.  To ensure we didn’t slip into to reducing the impact of an exercise we had to make like Barbie.  You’ll have to take part in one of Helen’s classes to break out the Barbie arms.  No clues in the picture below.


Contact Information

Via Naturist London :          Nude-ercise (including links to recent press articles)

Facebook:                                Nude-ercise  

That’s Solent TV                   Interview with Helen Smith

Picture Credit:                       Solent News and Photo Agency   Twitter: @snapagency

8 thoughts on “Break out the Barbie arms with Nude-ercise

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  4. Hi Emma:

    Thank you for posting this segment with Helen Smith. We have enjoyed nude workouts at our club previously. The nicest aspect is that after working up a sweat there is no need to doff off our work out wear. We exercise and enjoy yoga each morning in naturist uniform.
    Enjoying your blogs.


    Jan & Gary👍👍❤️❤️

    • Thanks for the comment both – apologies for the slow response, I’ve only now managed to enable the blog on my new phone so playing catch up 😊

      • That’s okay, Emma. No problem. We understand. TY for replying. Looking forward to your blogs as always.👍.


  5. Oh yes indeed 🙂 thanks for the RB Naturalian and the comment. Sorry for the slow response! I’m not the best at keeping up

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