Home Alone Naturism / Nudism


Painting by Mary Bassett @MaryBassettArt

Some people choose to be home alone naturists / nudists whilst others are forced to be out of necessity where public nudity is taboo or frowned upon. On occasions people lack confidence and try nudity in a safe space which allows those first tentative steps.  However even in cultures where public nudity is permitted in principle, England for example, the vagaries of English law mean that cases have been brought against naturists who are nude on their own property or in some instances, in their own houses behind closed doors!

Malcolm Boura spent over a decade working and advising British Naturism as their Campaigns Manager and has extensive knowledge of the law and it’s application to public nudity and through association, naturists.  This page has more information about the organisation’s role in campaigning to preserve the rights of naturists in the UK, including handy downloads with legal guidance for naturists in England and Wales and Scotland.

On a personal level, many naturists/nudists find it hard to enjoy a clothes-free lifestyle in their own homes, whether due to opposition from friends or family or their living circumstances.  I have tenants for example who I get on very well with and whilst it’s no secret I’m a naturist, out of respect to them I choose not to be naturist in my own home. That said, when the weather (rarely) is scorching, I’ve been known to venture outside and sunbathe despite the fact my garden is very overlooked.  It’s a sad admission but were I male I doubt I would since the male nude is somehow considered threatening by many in our culture in art, photography and society in general.


I received a message recently asking about naturist friendly accommodation in London via Naturist London which made me dwell on my own situation.  At the moment I’m perfectly comfortable not being nude, it’s too damn cold but in the summer when it’s particularly hot, there are times when it can feel a bit restricting having to remain clothed.

One very useful site Naturist Accommodation UK  “is for people who are offering or looking for bed and breakfast, self-catering, lettings, flat or house shares or other accommodation in an environment that enables social nudity or is clothing-optional.”  If you’re on twitter, you can Follow Naturist Accommodation UK  for updates @nacouk.

When I finally retire I’m likely to move and one of my main considerations will be the privacy a garden affords.  Many naturists choose to practice their naturism where they feel comfortable.  The same applies when I’m hiking naked with friends.  It doesn’t take long to get into the wilds and it doesn’t take long to fling some clothes on to save confrontation or test the definitions of alarm or distress.   Here’s the CPS page on nudity in public20150925_1401131

I’ve got five years before my exit strategy kicks in and after that I’m still not sure where life will take me but the requirements might include sunshine as well as the ability to skip around my garden naked.