Don’t Turn Your Back On Me Baby


as sung by Showaddywaddy on their 1974 album of the same title.  Pictures of the band look dated now and I’d argue that’s how many clubs and associations come across with their insistence on portraying members cheeks facing.

We don’t greet people in life bottom forward.  We face them, look into their eyes and extend a hand of friendship.  No wonder prospective naturists are confused.  On the one hand clubs are complaining about diminishing numbers and how they’d like to attract new members but it’s often a daunting prospect for people interested in the lifestyle to pay a visit to a swim or a club, especially if they’re single and worse still male.  Websites are often not that welcoming, the reception often less so.


It’s an individual choice whether or not you choose to be open about your interest in naturism but the penchant for showing your affiliation to naturism by bum cheek after bum cheek after bum cheek is beginning to wear a bit thin.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they were active shots but normally the anonymous naturists are inert and often lined up. What sort of message is that sending across?  Not a very dynamic one and certainly not one that’s likely to appeal to a younger demographic.


We can’t attribute the phenomena solely to Facebook either because they’ve only begun to allow rear shots in recent history.  From a marketing point of view its pants and it doesn’t sell the message that we’re revelling in body confidence and body acceptance.

Many naturist clubs have beautiful grounds and facilities.  Some members are happy to be featured in PR shots.  Use them or perhaps hire a naturist model for a photographic shoot. The community is awash with professional photographers, life models, artists, performance artists, many of whom would be happy to be featured.

So come on, turn around, what have you got to lose?