The Lady doth Protest

Originally posted on Sunzu a business networking site on 4 April 2013, after I attended Guerrila Galleries ART and PROTEST exhibition.  Their eagerly awaited exhibition FORBIDDEN takes place between 6-8 January 2015. 

2013-04-03 2014-05-18 001 011  

ART and Protest, the latest exhibition by Guerilla Galleries, an innovative outfit from East London, gives up-and-coming artists the chance to showcase their work and enables their patrons and public chance to see and buy their art.

With a special interest in the nude in art, Guerrilla Galleries who are pro naturist were brought to my attention by fellow naturists who had raved about their previous exhibition 100% Nude.  Yesterday I trailed over to Holloway to see a “very private Preview “ of ART and Protest which is being held at The Daniel Libeskind Space between 3-5 April 2013.

I’m no stranger to this part of London.  Before moving over to the depths of Buckinghamshire, I lived in Hackney, Haggerston and Stepney and I was reminded of the vibrancy, energy and fresh outlook which East London engenders, without the same price ticket!


Overall, the work on display is a very high quality.  Art is subjective of course so what appealed to me may not appeal to another.

And to explain their cause, from the Guerrilla Galleries website

At Guerrilla Galleries we engineer, produce and curate an annual series of exclusive shows, exhibitions and events. We provide a platform for emerging artists and talented creatives to showcase and bring their work to new audiences.

We operate and work with galleries and independent spaces throughout London, producing innovative, thought provoking shows featuring the best in digital art, interactive installations, photography, sculptures, drawings, textile art, sound and paintings.

As firm believers in delivering and exhibiting meaningful original work anywhere and everywhere, we are keen to continue challenging the conventions and bucking trends.

Dare to be different, sign-up today and join our revolution as we continue to deliver quality art by any means necessary.”


One of the flyers I picked up SCREAMS…. they’re fond of capitals 🙂



Stick our Art in your space

To add to the ambience, a small independent brewery XT Brewery, one of Guerrilla Galleries Sponsors were in attendance with a fine keg of beer.

2013-04-03 2014-05-18 001 008

“At Guerilla Galleries (London) we work with some of the freshest, emerging artists, offering them a platform to showcase and exhibit their stuff.

In return we get first dibs on displaying some of the best, newest stuff the art world has to offer.  Now you can get first-hand access to a gallery showroom brimming with exciting off-catalogue pieces, straight from the artist’s studio.

We continuously come across new talent and constantly acquire new, interesting and innovative, original one-off pieces.  We are always adding quality stuff to the Guerrilla Galleries art collection – a collection we are happy to share with our Patrons and Partners.  So why not as the Guerrilla Galleries how you can get your hands on quality artwork that includes, photography, illustrations, paintings, mixed media pieces, textiles, prints and sculptures in varying styles.

Ask to see one of our team today.  We will be more than happy to help you.”

So what is FORBIDDEN?

Do you want to take part in a clothing-optional private viewing?   Or be more sedate with tea and cakes? Or be a sponsor (I’m one) on kickstarter to help support the event?

Either way, I hope to see some of you there.  I wouldn’t miss it for all the tea in China!

Does anybody recognise this?

2013-04-03 2014-05-18 001 033

It was one of the exhibits at ART and PROTEST.  I loved it so much, it’s the header picture on Socks Off.

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