Life Models wanted, Southampton

Received via British Naturism “I am currently working at a college in Southampton and we are desperately looking for paid life models for our Foundation Art and Design Course.The students come from a range of artistic backgrounds but are doing a foundation course in preparation for a degree in the creative arts, and usually life drawing takes up a large percentage of their portfolio.It would be an on – off position, paid on a hourly rate, and would involve students drawing a nude model in a range of poses for a range of different lengths of times (some 1 minute poses, to 45 minute poses).

The teachers contact email is:

She has some more detail on dates and pay.”

Many thanks for your help.”
Applicants will be required to have an current DBS check because it’s an institute which has young people attending.
If I can obtain any further information, I’ll add to the specification i.e. phone numbers etc but this is all I’m privvy to at the moment (Emma).

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