A Spielplatz Summer

This summer was glorious for naturists in the UK.  We had a protracted period of sunshine.  Bliss!

When I wasn’t at my main naturist haunt Diogenes Sun Club in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, I was at Spielplatz Naturist Club where I’m also a member, or one of the many naturists events which take place around the UK every year.

There was a slight difference this year.  I was taking part in a documentary for Channel 4 being filmed by Daisybeck Studios about naturism called ‘The Naked Village’ which entailed the arduous task of being clothes free and having fun.  A great counterbalance to the intensity of my working week.

The documentary was screened last night and centres around a common club conundrum, whether to encourage clothes-optional events or be scrupulously naturist only.  Historically many clubs have been quite purist about adhering to naturist-only principles but times are changing and increasingly clothes-optional events are becoming more common.

2014-05-10 2014-05-18 001 022

British Naturism too are following suit with access.  In the past all their events were member only but nowadays only a percentage are, with the majority open to non members.

Two of the events I took place in were featured in the documentary, the naked yoga and body art day but there were many more during the course of the summer which we have happy recollections of but ended up on the cutting room floor.  In deference to those happy summer days, here are a few pictures from the Naked Village and Spieplatz ‘on tour.’


Spielplatz on tour

And here’s a Flickr album 

Finally, a couple of pictures taken last weekend at the Spielplatz members Christmas dinner

2014-12-07 2014-12-12 001 006

Emma with George Tait, the Chairman of Spielplatz, utterly charming man

So we’re ending the year as the year began, having fun and spreading the word about naturism.

2014-12-07 2014-12-12 001 008

Emma with Martin, another Spielplatz member





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