The Lady doth Protest

Originally posted on Sunzu a business networking site on 4 April 2013, after I attended Guerrila Galleries ART and PROTEST exhibition.  Their eagerly awaited exhibition FORBIDDEN takes place between 6-8 January 2015. 

2013-04-03 2014-05-18 001 011  

ART and Protest, the latest exhibition by Guerilla Galleries, an innovative outfit from East London, gives up-and-coming artists the chance to showcase their work and enables their patrons and public chance to see and buy their art.

With a special interest in the nude in art, Guerrilla Galleries who are pro naturist were brought to my attention by fellow naturists who had raved about their previous exhibition 100% Nude.  Yesterday I trailed over to Holloway to see a “very private Preview “ of ART and Protest which is being held at The Daniel Libeskind Space between 3-5 April 2013.

I’m no stranger to this part of London.  Before moving over to the depths of Buckinghamshire, I lived in Hackney, Haggerston and Stepney and I was reminded of the vibrancy, energy and fresh outlook which East London engenders, without the same price ticket!


Overall, the work on display is a very high quality.  Art is subjective of course so what appealed to me may not appeal to another.

And to explain their cause, from the Guerrilla Galleries website

At Guerrilla Galleries we engineer, produce and curate an annual series of exclusive shows, exhibitions and events. We provide a platform for emerging artists and talented creatives to showcase and bring their work to new audiences.

We operate and work with galleries and independent spaces throughout London, producing innovative, thought provoking shows featuring the best in digital art, interactive installations, photography, sculptures, drawings, textile art, sound and paintings.

As firm believers in delivering and exhibiting meaningful original work anywhere and everywhere, we are keen to continue challenging the conventions and bucking trends.

Dare to be different, sign-up today and join our revolution as we continue to deliver quality art by any means necessary.”


One of the flyers I picked up SCREAMS…. they’re fond of capitals 🙂



Stick our Art in your space

To add to the ambience, a small independent brewery XT Brewery, one of Guerrilla Galleries Sponsors were in attendance with a fine keg of beer.

2013-04-03 2014-05-18 001 008

“At Guerilla Galleries (London) we work with some of the freshest, emerging artists, offering them a platform to showcase and exhibit their stuff.

In return we get first dibs on displaying some of the best, newest stuff the art world has to offer.  Now you can get first-hand access to a gallery showroom brimming with exciting off-catalogue pieces, straight from the artist’s studio.

We continuously come across new talent and constantly acquire new, interesting and innovative, original one-off pieces.  We are always adding quality stuff to the Guerrilla Galleries art collection – a collection we are happy to share with our Patrons and Partners.  So why not as the Guerrilla Galleries how you can get your hands on quality artwork that includes, photography, illustrations, paintings, mixed media pieces, textiles, prints and sculptures in varying styles.

Ask to see one of our team today.  We will be more than happy to help you.”

So what is FORBIDDEN?

Do you want to take part in a clothing-optional private viewing?   Or be more sedate with tea and cakes? Or be a sponsor (I’m one) on kickstarter to help support the event?

Either way, I hope to see some of you there.  I wouldn’t miss it for all the tea in China!

Does anybody recognise this?

2013-04-03 2014-05-18 001 033

It was one of the exhibits at ART and PROTEST.  I loved it so much, it’s the header picture on Socks Off.


Life Models wanted, Southampton

Received via British Naturism “I am currently working at a college in Southampton and we are desperately looking for paid life models for our Foundation Art and Design Course.The students come from a range of artistic backgrounds but are doing a foundation course in preparation for a degree in the creative arts, and usually life drawing takes up a large percentage of their portfolio.It would be an on – off position, paid on a hourly rate, and would involve students drawing a nude model in a range of poses for a range of different lengths of times (some 1 minute poses, to 45 minute poses).

The teachers contact email is:

She has some more detail on dates and pay.”

Many thanks for your help.”
Applicants will be required to have an current DBS check because it’s an institute which has young people attending.
If I can obtain any further information, I’ll add to the specification i.e. phone numbers etc but this is all I’m privvy to at the moment (Emma).

What’s up with the Naked Village? Review: Emma James

This was originally posted on facebook on the Young Naturists and Nudists America forum on facebook, in response to a request for my perspective on the Naked Village which I took part in during the summer of 2014.  

The Naked Village is an informative documentary. I was fascinated with the interviews with the founder’s daughter and the old footage but I had hoped it would show more of what we are about as naturists and nudists and why we choose to be part of this community.


Toni Ash and Steve Jones in the club house at Spielplatz

I thought the documentary was well done in the main and far from shying away from genitalia, it was rather a focus, unnecessarily so at times.

I’d like to see a documentary made about our community by a woman and one who is already a naturist/nudist so there’s that understanding there. That said, it was generally sensitive and a humorous portrayal at times but the focus was a bit narrow.

Spielplatz actually has a lot to offer but traditionally they’ve not leveraged their marketing well and far from struggling to appeal to younger people, they have been very welcoming to Young British Naturists (YBN) when they have hosted them for weekends.

Like most clubs they have an events programme and put on regular gigs with some very good musicians. Music is a real focus for Spielplatz just as it is at the Naturist Foundation in Kent, another rural site.

I think it’s a shame more of the energy, activism, charitable and ecological work the community typifies and embraces wasn’t evident and the focus was more upon inter-club politics. I was there for both the naked yoga and body art and I’d no idea someone had been asked to leave.

I know Director Dan and the crew from Daisybeck Studios who produced the documentary for Channel 4 really enjoyed getting to know the community and wanted to give us chance to showcase naturism. There’s no doubt it’s more of a talking point in what is British Naturism’s 50th year so we are topical anyway but it was a rather tired rendition which implied a crumbling, decaying, outmoded community struggling to adapt and change. Most clubs have a dynamic and a sedentary side and this was an affectionate but flat portrayal I felt of somewhere which actually has a lot to offer, a short distance from central London. Sadly it isn’t likely to inspire many people to try naturism out for themselves and the body art section got a bit weird in parts but so much can be inferred through clever editing and the direction the programme takes.

It really mirrored My Daughter the Teenage Nudist in its focus whereas the older and younger naturists do comfortably co-exist at many clubs/events. For a documentary to make a mark though they normally need a point of contention and actually the whole concept of purist naturism or a more relaxed clothing-optional stance for newbies really resonated with my textile friends. So if nothing else it has inspired a debate about the way forward and Spielplatz themselves have received lots of web hits and presumably enquiries.  It may well be aired on Channel 4 in the future which would generate even more coverage so the debate is far from over. That will light the blue touchpaper!

Guardian review by Julia Rayside 12 December 2014 ‘The Naked Village – review: the hopes and fears of a nudist colony laid bare.’  Why oh why do non naturists insist on the outmoded term nudist colony or naturist colony?  We’re not bees!

I forgot to mention the fun we have too in my review above.  After all, if we didn’t enjoy our naturism/nudism, we wouldn’t do it basically.

2014-07-27 2014-07-28 002 018

Emma James with Spielplatz on tour with Daisybeck at Abbey House Gardens, Summer 2014




A Spielplatz Summer

This summer was glorious for naturists in the UK.  We had a protracted period of sunshine.  Bliss!

When I wasn’t at my main naturist haunt Diogenes Sun Club in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, I was at Spielplatz Naturist Club where I’m also a member, or one of the many naturists events which take place around the UK every year.

There was a slight difference this year.  I was taking part in a documentary for Channel 4 being filmed by Daisybeck Studios about naturism called ‘The Naked Village’ which entailed the arduous task of being clothes free and having fun.  A great counterbalance to the intensity of my working week.

The documentary was screened last night and centres around a common club conundrum, whether to encourage clothes-optional events or be scrupulously naturist only.  Historically many clubs have been quite purist about adhering to naturist-only principles but times are changing and increasingly clothes-optional events are becoming more common.

2014-05-10 2014-05-18 001 022

British Naturism too are following suit with access.  In the past all their events were member only but nowadays only a percentage are, with the majority open to non members.

Two of the events I took place in were featured in the documentary, the naked yoga and body art day but there were many more during the course of the summer which we have happy recollections of but ended up on the cutting room floor.  In deference to those happy summer days, here are a few pictures from the Naked Village and Spieplatz ‘on tour.’


Spielplatz on tour

And here’s a Flickr album 

Finally, a couple of pictures taken last weekend at the Spielplatz members Christmas dinner

2014-12-07 2014-12-12 001 006

Emma with George Tait, the Chairman of Spielplatz, utterly charming man

So we’re ending the year as the year began, having fun and spreading the word about naturism.

2014-12-07 2014-12-12 001 008

Emma with Martin, another Spielplatz member