Media Request. Naturist couple sought for Age Gap Love, Nine Lives Media for C5

Researcher Keeley Lane, who first got in touch with me when she was working for DaisyBeck Studios who’ve been working on the Naked Village about Spielplatz and its residents this summer, has sent me another media request for Nine Lives Media who she is currently working for.

I am looking for more contributors for an episode of Age Gap Love and thought it would be lovely to get a naturist story in to the series.”  We are looking for couples with an age gap of twenty years or more.   Do you know anyone who fits this criteria who might be might be interested in taking part?
“Nine Lives Media is a BAFTA award-winning TV production company. We make documentaries, current affairs programmes and drama documentaries for all the major UK broadcasters.

Age Gap Love was a really successful documentary – sensitive to both the benefits and challenges age gap love relationships can bring and above all, a celebration of relationships. 

We have been asked to make three more films on the same subject and are looking for couples to take part. There is a small fee for your contribution to the documentary.

Initially we would just like to chat to potential contributors and then after that we would either pop to them to shoot a casting tape or record a Skype interview, show it to Channel 5 and if they like the couple, we would then want to film for a couple of days with the couple in their own homes and doing their everyday business, as well as short interviews.

This is what we have been writing on online forums:

Seeking Age Gap Couples For A New Television Series:

•             Are you in an age gap relationship?

•             Are there 20, 30, or even 40 years separating you and your partner?

•             Are you living proof that age is no barrier to finding true love?

Following the hit Channel 5 documentary ‘She’s 78, He’s 39: Age Gap Love’, we are now looking for couples to appear in a new series.

Want to know more? Please contact Keeley-

0161 832 2007″


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