” Camping out under the Poringland Oaks “

Great account, thanks for the fodder :), see you both soon I hope, Emma x

The Naked Truth.........


So after a hectic couple of days getting things together, we set off on Thursday of last week, on our summer holiday of 2014.The weather was fine sunny and warm as we headed up through Essex towards Suffolk to our final destination of Broadlands Sun Association, which is situated between Stoke Holy Cross and Poringland near Norwich in Norfolk. We started off at around 8.45am going up the A12 passed Witham, Kelvedon and Colchester before stopping off at the service station near Ipswich for breakfast. After a full English, we continued along the A14,before coming off at Needham Market joining the A140 heading towards Diss. We then turned right off the A140 just past Newton Flotman and drove down the country lanes towards Stoke Holy Cross and Poringland.


Stoke Holy Cross is a small village 4 miles south of Norwich famous because Stoke Holy Cross mill was the location from which Colman’s produced their very first mustard…

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Bodyart Festival at Spieplatz Naturist Club, Saturday 9 August 2014, 1pm

Spielplatz are hosting a body art festival this Saturday 9 August from 1pm where I gather there will be a couple of professional bodypainters,   life drawing,  massage  a BBQ and a disco in the evening from 8pm.

There’s been a lot in the press about bodypainting recently after the Young Naturists and Nudists of America YNA’s event in Times Square, outlined in Felicity Jones‘s article about the day on 30 July 2014;  Recap of the First Ever NYC Body Painting Day 2014.

Bodypainting is a natural extension for the naturist/nudist community and most active members of the community will have come across bodypainting at various events, particularly those which involve activism such as the World Naked Bike Ride.  Riders, who are largely nude, will adorn themselves with slogans decrying our dependence on oil and reliance on the car.

YNA have participated in many body art events but traditionally its been used to a lesser degree in the U.K. where our inclement weather probably has a bearing, especially with non landed clubs.  This link highlights the variety of events YNA have taken part in with nude bodypainting and their collaboration with Andy Golub, who was one of the artists involved in the recent event in Times Square.

Never impervious to the vagaries of the law and officer’s/police’s interpretation of it as a community, the artistic community also have brushes with the law.  Andy Golub has been in trouble before with the NYPD over painting nude models for “Only in New York”  but charges were dropped.

In Andy’s words   “I feel my art is not something to be censored.  There is a law in New York which says full nudity in public is legal if it’s part of an exhibition, performance or play.  So there’s no law against what I do, everything I do is completely legal.”  This article, ‘Artist paints naked models in Times Square for ‘Only in New York’ book,’ from the  New York Daily News explains more.


Emma James being bodypainted, April 2013

The picture above was taken during an event at the The Daniel Libeskind Space in 2013, hosted by Guerilla Galleries,  an innovative art outfit which ‘provides a platform for new and emerging artists to showcase and bring their work to new audiences through regular events, shows, workshops, exhibitions and other exciting opportunities.’

‘Art and protest,’ the title of the exhibition at the Guerilla Galleries event neatly sums up the ability of bodypainting as a tool for activism in the name of art.  Bodypainting can be used as a pure art form, to make social statements, for high fashion or simply for entertainment.  My blog  ‘The Lady doth Protest‘  posted on SunZu on 4 April 2013 is about the Guerilla Galleries event (excuse the pitch and poor link – it needs editing, I’ll have to address it over the weekend).  And here, a video of a YNA gathering with Andy Golub, uploaded to Youtube 10 January 2014.

The event at Spieplatz will be a much smaller affair than the recent event in Times Square but equally enjoyable.  There’s a chance to try out bodypainting for yourself, be bodypainted, take part in body art using the body as a paintbrush and it offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy the facilities at Spielplatz, hopefully without the intrusion of tropical storm Bertha!

The event will be captured on film too with the affable crew from Daisybeck Studios and Director Dan, whose easy charm has endeared them to the naturists who they’ve been working with over the past few weeks.  DaisyBeck have been commissioned to make a one hour documentary about naturism in the UK for a well known channel (soon to be announced).

Due to be screened in the Autumn and with the working title, ‘The Naked Village,’ Dan and his crew have been shooting film at Spielplatz and various naturist events around the U.K. over the summer months.  They will be in attendance this Saturday at Spielplatz to showcase bodyart and its natural fit with naturism/nudism.

If you have any special skills such as riding a unicycle, firebreathing etc you’d like to bring to the party, Spielplatz would love to hear more. 

I look forward to seeing you there!!