Naked Gardeners

This Sunday, 27th July is one of the last clothes-optional events this year at Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.  It’s a breathtakingly beautiful spot and for the gardeners amongst you, a not-to-be missed opportunity to see the gardens with a clothes optional slant.  

With just another three further clothes optional dates in the diary on Sunday 17th August, Sunday 31st August and Sunday 21st September, there are limited chances to enjoy these gardens clothes free and with Barbara and Ian Pollard sadly divorcing, the future of Abbey House Gardens remains uncertain.

I took these pictures at Abbey House Gardens on one of their clothes optional days on 12th August 2012.  As British Naturism point out in their Big Events page dedicated to Abbey House Gardens, the gardens also featured in Channel 4s “My daughter the Teenage Nudist.”

Daisybeck Studios are working on a one hour documentary whose working title is ‘The Naked Village’ over the course of this summer and basing themselves at Spielplatz, hence the title.

Spielplatz Naturist Club is one of a handful of naturist venues in the UK where naturists live full-time.  I spent a weekend at Spielplatz in 2012 helping out with a YBN, Young British Naturism event, teaching and treating with my therapies.  This blog which was written for Naturist Freedom UK a facebook naturist group which I used to help run, is an account of that weekend.  

Spielplatz are putting a number of events on this summer to coincide with the filming DaisyBeck are doing to showcase naturism and to show how diverse and vibrant our community is.  

DaisyBeck have been interviewing naturists who’ve been involved with naturism for a number of years and interviewing would-be naturists, to get an understanding of how we can be perceived by the non naturist community and to highlight what attracts people to naturism.

As an avid devotee of live music, I’m delighted @SpielplatzOasis share my fixation and host regular gigs in their clubhouse.  This Saturday is no exception with 80s music by Rob and Annie. Where are my legwarmers?

A blog wouldn’t be complete without pictures.  This one was taken recently on the naked yoga day which was also filmed by @DaisyBecktv. Featuring Toni Ashcorft and Steve Jones and taken in the clubhouse at Spielplatz, it’s only taken on my iphone but it’s a classic naturist shot.  I love the lighting and it really sums up the end of a really marvellous day.

2014-07-11 2014-07-13 001 002

Toni Ashcorft and Steve Jones

The younger life models who took part in the naked yoga were really happy to get a day out of London and enjoy the facilities Spieplatz has to offer in the company of other life models.  For some it was their first experience of naturism and judging from the smiles and laughter, everyone enjoyed the day.  


Toni Ashcorft with Emma James

Nickles of Naturist London did an amazing job of creating a peaceful connected space in which we were all, young and old(er) alike, able to enjoy a sacred space to enjoy the yoga and connect not only with each other, but also the elements since the class took place outside.  I’ve done naked yoga before but never outside and it enhances the experience still further to feel the wind on your skin, the leaves rustling and the birdsong.  Absolute bliss!

If you live down South and would like to join DaisyBeck Studios and Spielpatz at Abbey House Gardens this Sunday, there’s a coach leaving at 9am (meet at 0830) which you can book on to.  Contact Spielplatz to let them know if you’d like to be in the party.  

Spielplatz offer camping facilities so if like me, you want to play it safe, you can camp over on the Saturday night.  

I hope to see you many of you either at Spieplatz Naturist Club or Abbey House Gardens this Sunday, and I certainly hope this weather lasts for everyone’s sake.  I’ve been cooped up treating all week.  Much as I love my work, there’s a real yearning to be outside when the sun is beating down since we’re ordinarily deprived of anything vaguely resembling a summer in the UK! 



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