Who’s for Spielplatz this afternoon?

I know it’s a bit inclement but it’s humid and the sun is bound to come out :).  My garden is going to be a forest again soon at this rate.  Sorry Marine Ben!

The Editor of H & E Naturist  Sam Hawcroft, is giving a talk this afternoon at Spielplatz Naturist Club @SpielplatzOasis.

H&E @HEnaturist  This Saturday – Spielplatz on Camera – loads of archives on display, plus presentation by H&E Editor Sam. All welcome!”

DaisyBeck Studios @DaisyBecktv will be in attendance, filming towards the one hour documentary they have been commissioned to make, this afternoon and for the gig tonight with Three Bar Fire.  More information here, Emma James ‘the supreme irony is….” 

There lots going on around the UK as usual.  Check out the British Naturism calender to see what’s going on in your area.

Have a lovely weekend all! 

all the best



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