the supreme irony is

naturists like dressing up!

So it’s regularly socks on on a Saturday night during one of our fabled socials, which usually takes the form of fancy dress.


This picture was taken in the summer of 2011 for a ‘Best Dressed Pop Star’ party. There’s no point my suggesting you guess who I was supposed to be.  You won’t get it.  I’m supposed to be Cher.  I just look daft!

Not only do we dress up regularly, we also dress for dinner for our formal events.  Certainly at the landed club I’m a member of and at another landed club which is similar to Diogenes Sun Club, the The White House Club.  I wonder whether it’s a throwback from our heritage?  Perhaps the founder members were more toff than not?  It’s a mystery to me but old habits die hard and they’re deeply steeped in our traditions and heritage.

Contrary to popular mythology, we’re not naked all the time. That would be equally daft in the cooler months and Britain doesn’t generally boast a particularly warm climate.  In recent history, we’ve had some socials at Diogenes which don’t enforce the socks on ruling.

It makes perfect sense after sundown, given that we’re a naturist club but equally dressing for dinner does mean we can invite our intrigued ‘textile’ or clothed friends, to give them a taste of a place which we regard as our home, and one which houses our thriving community.

Spielplatz Naturist Club in St Albans are having a fancy dress do this Saturday which is being attended by naturists from far and wide.  The theme is the ‘Movies, with a start time of 9pm.  You’re invited to join the party but be aware DaisyBeck Studios will also be in attendance, filming towards the one hour documentary they are producing about naturism.

In the words of Spielplatz, Daisybeck TV production company are making a documentary over the summer about naturism at Spielplatz. We have arranged a few activities which may be of interest to you and fellow naturists.  Please check our events calendar. Filming will be controlled so those who wish to come along but don’t want to be caught on camera can do so.”

I think I know what I’m going tomorrow as but I’ve not absolutely decided yet.  I absolutely love fancy dress! It’s not everyone’s bag but it is mine.Get your glad rags on and come over to Spielplatz.  It will be a blast! 


Better still, this is a gig too, with music from Three Bar Fire.  I’ve seen them before at Spielplatz. They’re very good and you can’t help but get up to dance.

And here’s Three Bar Fire in action on TripAdvisor

Final quiz.  You might get this one?  Here I am at my 50th which was held at Diogenes Sun Club for family and friends with the theme, ‘Disney Characters.’

Fearful yet?

Emma James




4 thoughts on “the supreme irony is

  1. There are many different ways that folks enjoy social nudism, and ‘dress up’ events are one of them. Some venues have costume parties, some expect attire for dinner or at particular areas, some even go to the length of lingerie parties. Swingers, especially, seem to be drawn to the lingerie parties for some reason…

    We’re absolutely not going to comment on that since social nudism is about CHOICE within the ethos of naturism/nudism as accepted worldwide, not the suppression of choice that Textile society demands of us.

    We personally prefer venues where nudity is expected unless there’s a reason not to be. We can go to dinner, costume parties, or lingerie parties anywhere; our preference is to be among those who prefer to be nude whenever comfortable.

    Not criticising here, perhaps we’re just really hardcore nudists, but it seems that the idea of wanting to dress up to hide/accentuate the body and appear as someone you are not is the antithesis of social nudism. Fun, yes!. But outside of our lifestyle goals and best kept separate lest we cross the lines into something else. We do have a rather stodgy website!

    But again, there are a lot of different ways to enjoy social nudism, and we’re no experts. You seem to be having a great time and you should enjoy it! Certainly no one is a better poster-child for naturism than you, so go for it!

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  3. I know, I know… don’t tell me… Perdita?

    While not contradicting anything that All-Nudist has said above, the good thing about a ‘dressed’ nudist event is that lets the outside in and while the club may not win any new members, it will certainly win some friends and perhaps gain some influence.

    PS. Perdita is the name of the female dog (use of the term Bitch might be misunderstood here) in the film 101 Dalmations. You are such a teese Cruella.

  4. thanks both for the input, sorry for the tardy activation. I hear what you’re saying Steve and I share your reservations about certain forms of fancy dress but yes, I’m a sucker for dressing up. I’ve probably got more clothes than most textiles so it’s no problem finding something to wear when there’s a theme to replicate. Well done Reg, you got it!

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