Spielplatz needs You!

DaisyBeck Studios from Leeds are producing a documentary for UK television, working in conjunction with Spielplatz and H&E Magazine.  

They aim to portray naturism in a positive light, highlighting the wider issues around naturism e.g. body confidence, body acceptance and to get the perspective of those who are intrigued by naturism or new to naturism, about what naturism means to them.

Spielplatz are hosting three events which are being filmed in July and August.  DaisyBeck Studios are looking for naturists, activists and those interested in naturism who are willing to take part and happy to be filmed

Having spoken to a member of the production team, I gather that they won’t be pixilating footage and the company will be doing their best to show naturism respectfully so the filming won’t shy away from showing nudity.  They are keen to show relaxed nudity and not to focus on areas of the body which are considered erotic, i.e. breasts/genitals.  The production team have spent the best part of the last week getting to know the residents of Spielplatz and learning about naturism in general.

Diary of Events 

Friday 11 July 2014.  Naked Yoga.  Naked yoga class/filming to take place at approximately 3pm.

Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 July 2014.  Open Weekend.  “Spielplatz on Film.”  A look at old naturist footage and interviews with existing members of Spielplatz who live on the site, in addition to other activities which will be taking place during the weekend. 

Milton Keynes, Herts and Essex Meet and Greet Naturist Groups are meeting at Spielplatz on Sunday 20 July.  For more information about this Meet Up, message Essex Naturists MAG @nakedfreedomuk on Twitter; https://twitter.com/nakedfreedomuk

 Saturday 9th August 2014.  Body painting/festival

There will be a couple of qualified yoga teachers running the class/es on Friday 11 July and weather permitting it will be held outside, possibly with a marquee in place.  Likewise, there will be professional body painters at Spielplatz for the body painting/festival event on Saturday 9th August. 

If you’d like to take part in any of these events, please email Toni on Toni.tyldesley@daisybeckstudios.com so DaisyBeck Studios are able to gauge numbers.

It would be great if naturists would step forward who take place in naked art events, WNBR events, naturists from the Naturist Action Group; NAG, Naturist Life, YBN, BN, Naturist London, families etc so there’s a good cross section of naturists/activists represented which would reflect the diversity within our community as a whole.

Toni also told me that if there’s enough interest, the company will lay on a minibus from London and would consider picking people up from the nearest station.  Spielplatz isn’t the easiest place to get to without transport; http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/LocalMaps-g186306-d4154492-Spielplatz_Naturist_Club-Area.html

Useful URLs

DaisyBeck Studios:  http://www.daisybeckstudios.com/

Spielplatz: http://www.spielplatzoasis.co.uk/

H & E: http://www.henaturist.net/

Naturist Action Group: http://naturistactiongroup.org/

Naturist Life: http://naturist-life-magazine.co.uk/

Young British Naturism; YBN: https://www.bn.org.uk/youth/index.php

YBN: http://ybn.org.uk/

British Naturism, BN: http://www.bn.org.uk/index.php

Naturist London: http://www.naturistlondon.org.uk/index.php




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