34th International Naturist Federation Congress. September 11-14th 2014. Ireland


The Irish Naturist Federation extends an invitation to all naturist federations to attend the 34th International Naturist Federation Congress in Ireland in 2014. The Congress dates are from 11th to 14th September 2014.

The venue is the Lough Allen hotel and spa in the scenic village of Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim. which is situated beside Lough Allen, the first of the three great lakes on the river Shannon.

INA have block-booked all the rooms in the hotel for the period of the Congress and all bookings will be made through our conference organisation company Abbey Conference. In conjunction with INA, Abbey Conference will send registration forms to all federations early in 2014.

Access to Ireland is easy as Ryanair flies to many destinations in Europe and Air Lingus and Delta fly
long distance to Shannon and Dublin. Many more carriers also fly into Ireland.

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For ease of access to Drumshanbo, the best airports to land are Dublin or Knock International. There are other international airports in Ireland but this involves extra road travel.

Car hire is available at all airports. For those arriving by ferry there is a ferry port at Rosslare serving France and a port at Dunlaoire, Co Dublin serving mainland UK.

If anyone wishes to have more information then please e-mail INA for this at irishnaturist@gmail.com.

We hope all delegates, partners and friends will have a most enjoyable time during the Congress in Ireland


Naked Gardeners

This Sunday, 27th July is one of the last clothes-optional events this year at Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.  It’s a breathtakingly beautiful spot and for the gardeners amongst you, a not-to-be missed opportunity to see the gardens with a clothes optional slant.  

With just another three further clothes optional dates in the diary on Sunday 17th August, Sunday 31st August and Sunday 21st September, there are limited chances to enjoy these gardens clothes free and with Barbara and Ian Pollard sadly divorcing, the future of Abbey House Gardens remains uncertain.

I took these pictures at Abbey House Gardens on one of their clothes optional days on 12th August 2012.  As British Naturism point out in their Big Events page dedicated to Abbey House Gardens, the gardens also featured in Channel 4s “My daughter the Teenage Nudist.”

Daisybeck Studios are working on a one hour documentary whose working title is ‘The Naked Village’ over the course of this summer and basing themselves at Spielplatz, hence the title.

Spielplatz Naturist Club is one of a handful of naturist venues in the UK where naturists live full-time.  I spent a weekend at Spielplatz in 2012 helping out with a YBN, Young British Naturism event, teaching and treating with my therapies.  This blog which was written for Naturist Freedom UK a facebook naturist group which I used to help run, is an account of that weekend.  

Spielplatz are putting a number of events on this summer to coincide with the filming DaisyBeck are doing to showcase naturism and to show how diverse and vibrant our community is.  

DaisyBeck have been interviewing naturists who’ve been involved with naturism for a number of years and interviewing would-be naturists, to get an understanding of how we can be perceived by the non naturist community and to highlight what attracts people to naturism.

As an avid devotee of live music, I’m delighted @SpielplatzOasis share my fixation and host regular gigs in their clubhouse.  This Saturday is no exception with 80s music by Rob and Annie. Where are my legwarmers?

A blog wouldn’t be complete without pictures.  This one was taken recently on the naked yoga day which was also filmed by @DaisyBecktv. Featuring Toni Ashcorft and Steve Jones and taken in the clubhouse at Spielplatz, it’s only taken on my iphone but it’s a classic naturist shot.  I love the lighting and it really sums up the end of a really marvellous day.

2014-07-11 2014-07-13 001 002

Toni Ashcorft and Steve Jones

The younger life models who took part in the naked yoga were really happy to get a day out of London and enjoy the facilities Spieplatz has to offer in the company of other life models.  For some it was their first experience of naturism and judging from the smiles and laughter, everyone enjoyed the day.  


Toni Ashcorft with Emma James

Nickles of Naturist London did an amazing job of creating a peaceful connected space in which we were all, young and old(er) alike, able to enjoy a sacred space to enjoy the yoga and connect not only with each other, but also the elements since the class took place outside.  I’ve done naked yoga before but never outside and it enhances the experience still further to feel the wind on your skin, the leaves rustling and the birdsong.  Absolute bliss!

If you live down South and would like to join DaisyBeck Studios and Spielpatz at Abbey House Gardens this Sunday, there’s a coach leaving at 9am (meet at 0830) which you can book on to.  Contact Spielplatz to let them know if you’d like to be in the party.  

Spielplatz offer camping facilities so if like me, you want to play it safe, you can camp over on the Saturday night.  

I hope to see you many of you either at Spieplatz Naturist Club or Abbey House Gardens this Sunday, and I certainly hope this weather lasts for everyone’s sake.  I’ve been cooped up treating all week.  Much as I love my work, there’s a real yearning to be outside when the sun is beating down since we’re ordinarily deprived of anything vaguely resembling a summer in the UK! 



Who’s for Spielplatz this afternoon?

I know it’s a bit inclement but it’s humid and the sun is bound to come out :).  My garden is going to be a forest again soon at this rate.  Sorry Marine Ben!

The Editor of H & E Naturist  Sam Hawcroft, is giving a talk this afternoon at Spielplatz Naturist Club @SpielplatzOasis.

H&E @HEnaturist  This Saturday – Spielplatz on Camera – loads of archives on display, plus presentation by H&E Editor Sam. All welcome!”

DaisyBeck Studios @DaisyBecktv will be in attendance, filming towards the one hour documentary they have been commissioned to make, this afternoon and for the gig tonight with Three Bar Fire.  More information here, Emma James ‘the supreme irony is….” 

There lots going on around the UK as usual.  Check out the British Naturism calender to see what’s going on in your area.

Have a lovely weekend all! 

all the best


the supreme irony is

naturists like dressing up!

So it’s regularly socks on on a Saturday night during one of our fabled socials, which usually takes the form of fancy dress.


This picture was taken in the summer of 2011 for a ‘Best Dressed Pop Star’ party. There’s no point my suggesting you guess who I was supposed to be.  You won’t get it.  I’m supposed to be Cher.  I just look daft!

Not only do we dress up regularly, we also dress for dinner for our formal events.  Certainly at the landed club I’m a member of and at another landed club which is similar to Diogenes Sun Club, the The White House Club.  I wonder whether it’s a throwback from our heritage?  Perhaps the founder members were more toff than not?  It’s a mystery to me but old habits die hard and they’re deeply steeped in our traditions and heritage.

Contrary to popular mythology, we’re not naked all the time. That would be equally daft in the cooler months and Britain doesn’t generally boast a particularly warm climate.  In recent history, we’ve had some socials at Diogenes which don’t enforce the socks on ruling.

It makes perfect sense after sundown, given that we’re a naturist club but equally dressing for dinner does mean we can invite our intrigued ‘textile’ or clothed friends, to give them a taste of a place which we regard as our home, and one which houses our thriving community.

Spielplatz Naturist Club in St Albans are having a fancy dress do this Saturday which is being attended by naturists from far and wide.  The theme is the ‘Movies, with a start time of 9pm.  You’re invited to join the party but be aware DaisyBeck Studios will also be in attendance, filming towards the one hour documentary they are producing about naturism.

In the words of Spielplatz, Daisybeck TV production company are making a documentary over the summer about naturism at Spielplatz. We have arranged a few activities which may be of interest to you and fellow naturists.  Please check our events calendar. Filming will be controlled so those who wish to come along but don’t want to be caught on camera can do so.”

I think I know what I’m going tomorrow as but I’ve not absolutely decided yet.  I absolutely love fancy dress! It’s not everyone’s bag but it is mine.Get your glad rags on and come over to Spielplatz.  It will be a blast! 


Better still, this is a gig too, with music from Three Bar Fire.  I’ve seen them before at Spielplatz. They’re very good and you can’t help but get up to dance.

And here’s Three Bar Fire in action on TripAdvisor

Final quiz.  You might get this one?  Here I am at my 50th which was held at Diogenes Sun Club for family and friends with the theme, ‘Disney Characters.’

Fearful yet?

Emma James



Spielplatz needs You!

DaisyBeck Studios from Leeds are producing a documentary for UK television, working in conjunction with Spielplatz and H&E Magazine.  

They aim to portray naturism in a positive light, highlighting the wider issues around naturism e.g. body confidence, body acceptance and to get the perspective of those who are intrigued by naturism or new to naturism, about what naturism means to them.

Spielplatz are hosting three events which are being filmed in July and August.  DaisyBeck Studios are looking for naturists, activists and those interested in naturism who are willing to take part and happy to be filmed

Having spoken to a member of the production team, I gather that they won’t be pixilating footage and the company will be doing their best to show naturism respectfully so the filming won’t shy away from showing nudity.  They are keen to show relaxed nudity and not to focus on areas of the body which are considered erotic, i.e. breasts/genitals.  The production team have spent the best part of the last week getting to know the residents of Spielplatz and learning about naturism in general.

Diary of Events 

Friday 11 July 2014.  Naked Yoga.  Naked yoga class/filming to take place at approximately 3pm.

Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 July 2014.  Open Weekend.  “Spielplatz on Film.”  A look at old naturist footage and interviews with existing members of Spielplatz who live on the site, in addition to other activities which will be taking place during the weekend. 

Milton Keynes, Herts and Essex Meet and Greet Naturist Groups are meeting at Spielplatz on Sunday 20 July.  For more information about this Meet Up, message Essex Naturists MAG @nakedfreedomuk on Twitter; https://twitter.com/nakedfreedomuk

 Saturday 9th August 2014.  Body painting/festival

There will be a couple of qualified yoga teachers running the class/es on Friday 11 July and weather permitting it will be held outside, possibly with a marquee in place.  Likewise, there will be professional body painters at Spielplatz for the body painting/festival event on Saturday 9th August. 

If you’d like to take part in any of these events, please email Toni on Toni.tyldesley@daisybeckstudios.com so DaisyBeck Studios are able to gauge numbers.

It would be great if naturists would step forward who take place in naked art events, WNBR events, naturists from the Naturist Action Group; NAG, Naturist Life, YBN, BN, Naturist London, families etc so there’s a good cross section of naturists/activists represented which would reflect the diversity within our community as a whole.

Toni also told me that if there’s enough interest, the company will lay on a minibus from London and would consider picking people up from the nearest station.  Spielplatz isn’t the easiest place to get to without transport; http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/LocalMaps-g186306-d4154492-Spielplatz_Naturist_Club-Area.html

Useful URLs

DaisyBeck Studios:  http://www.daisybeckstudios.com/

Spielplatz: http://www.spielplatzoasis.co.uk/

H & E: http://www.henaturist.net/

Naturist Action Group: http://naturistactiongroup.org/

Naturist Life: http://naturist-life-magazine.co.uk/

Young British Naturism; YBN: https://www.bn.org.uk/youth/index.php

YBN: http://ybn.org.uk/

British Naturism, BN: http://www.bn.org.uk/index.php

Naturist London: http://www.naturistlondon.org.uk/index.php