Nakedness Has Nothing To Do With Clothes

poignant words Robert and so true. I’m taken the liberty of reblogging this on Socks Off, thank you!

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

Self-disclosure is not exhibitionism, it is more an act of self-discovery. Self-disclosure is an act of self-discovery.

I found this post title at a website called Fully Disclothed, a blog site that brings the words and photos of people in Toronto, Canada as an act of disclosure. As I wandered through the site and listened to the words of those who took photos of themselves, or had a trusted person take their photos, I realised that what I do here at Through a Naturist Lens, is much the same.

Over the many, many posts, regardless of whether I use images of myself, of nature, or of others, I am always disclosing, discovering and curiously becoming a healthier person. Do we realise that everything that we post, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other media – reveals to ourselves and others something about which we are usually unaware? Do we dare stand back and wonder at the images, the comments…

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2 thoughts on “Nakedness Has Nothing To Do With Clothes

  1. Thanks, Emma, for bringing one of my posts here for your readers. 🙂 PS – I love the beginning to this new “socks off” venture. Best of luck.

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