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I’m not very well versed with WordPress and haven’t had chance to get to grips with it yet.

Bare 🙂 with me while I learn on the hoof. For example, I’d like to get rid of ‘a pending naturist website’ but haven’t been able to work out how to amend that yet and Socks Off, I’m due elsewhere soon!

Any suggestions please?


Natural steam rooms: traditional naturist pastime reinvented

I defy you not to want to do this!

Active Naturists

Saunas provide an easy opportunity to have a naturist experience to laypeople and are among favorite pastimes for hardcore naturists as well, but there is a hidden and unique (please let me know, if it isn’t!) place on the Hawaii island that brings it to the next level: a combination of geothermal steam vents, small caves and lush greenery creates the most natural and idyllic steam room imaginable!

Again, I found out about this natural wonder thanks to the guidebook ‘Hawaii, the Big Island Revealed‘ – and it would be hard to know about it otherwise, as it is on private land whose owner by no means seems to want to advertise it. Luckily, he doesn’t seem to mind the visitors much either, and the place is accessible for those in the know 😉 The guidebook also noted that locals enjoy the natural steam in their altogethers, as nature intended. 

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Looking for Clover Spa and Hotel?

Clothes are optional

Clover Spa and Hotel - gardenClover Spa is an excellent value-for-money hotel in Birmingham, with a fine spa and a lovely garden. See reviews here.

But don’t forget that it’s not the only naturist or clothing-optional place in the UK.

Dotted around the country are numerous other naturist facilities: bed and breakfast, self-catering holidays, camp sites, naturist clubs, swims and events.

See our directory for naturist accommodation.

Any questions about our naturist accommodation?  See here.

For more information about naturism in the UK see Naturist UK Fact File and British Naturism.

If you are aged 18 to 30, see YBN.

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World Naked Bike Ride – updated

Clothes are optional

The naked bike rides have taken place. You can find a lot of videos on line – try Vimeo and Dailymotion, as YouTube is not a good place to find naked people.

Here is one of the best videos of this year’s London ride.

As a bike rider, I’m a coward. I used a bike daily in the Netherlands, where cyclists mostly have their own routes, but one ride on my return to England decided me, and the bike has not been out of the garage since 1998. Perhaps I  should get it cleaned and restored, and take it to one of next year’s rides.

You can find more details at http://www.worldnakedbikeride.org/ and (for the UK) at http://www.worldnakedbikeride.org/uk/

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